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24/06/2014 - SESVanderHave develops ALS-inhibiting herbicides tolerant sugar beet using its own technologie

SESVanderHave, an international market leader in the sugar beet sector, has developed a novel herbicide tolerance trait for sugar beet. This technology has been developed through SESVanderHave’s own R&D pipeline; the trait will give a new option for weed control to farmers around the world.  SESVanderHave’s technology is based on the conventional breeding of sugar beet varieties tolerant to certain ALS‐inhibitors, a class of broad‐spectrum herbicides.


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29/04/2014 - SESVanderHave is investing more than 10 million euro in high-tech research center
SESVanderHave, the global market leader in sugarbeet seed, is investing over 10 million euro in a brand new high-tech research center on the site of the nearby Feed Food Health-site. Through the construction of this center SESVanderHave is raising its R & D capacity to a higher level. 

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07/10/2013 - Cooperation with ESA for video on seed treatment

The European Seed Association (ESA) has recently released a video on the benefits of seed treatment. The video looks at the seed treatment process and includes interviews with several farmers and seed treatment experts.
ESA asked us to cooperate in this video, to share the knowledge and infrastructure of SESVanderHave and its experts. We gladly did, and are very happy with the result, we invite you to take a look at the video!

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18/04/2013 - Nemgenix Pty Ltd and SESVanderHave announced their collaboration to develop a novel nematode resistant trait for sugar beet

Nemgenix Pty Ltd, an international agricultural biotechnology company developing new technologies for the control of plant parasitic nematodes and aphids, and SESVanderHave, a leading sugar beet breeding and marketing company, today announced their collaboration to develop a novel nematode resistant trait for sugar beet to address the needs for a long-term resistance strategy to beet cyst nematodes (BCN).









11/02/2013 - First variety in Germany: VASCO

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05/10/2012 - Welcome to our new website!

SESVanderHave has freshened up its website to be able to serve you even better. On the renewed website, we will be able to offer you a wide range of sugar beet and SESVanderHave related news.






13/07/2012 - Three Facebook-friends of SESVanderHave win two entrance tickets for the Libramont fair

Last month, SESVanderHave organised a Facebook contest to win 6 entrance tickets for the Libramont fair. The Libramont fair is the biggest agricultural fair in Belgium and is well-known with farmers all over Europe.







Other News


06/05/2012 - SESVanderHave nominated for the Flanders Export Lion

In May, SESVanderHave was nominated for the Flanders Export Lion 2012. The Flanders Export Lion is an award for the best exporting companies in Flanders.
Unfortunately, SESVanderHave became second in the contest, while Waterleau from Heverlee can call itself for one year the Flanders Export Lion.




04/06/2012 - SESVanderHave and Arcadia reach NUE milestone

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., an agricultural technology company focused on developing technologies and products that benefit the environment and human health, and SESVanderHave, a leading sugar beet breeding and marketing company, announced the achievement of key field performance milestones for Nitrogen Use Efficient (NUE) sugar beets.













23/01/2012 - SESVanderHave and Cellectis collaboration

Cellectis plant sciences, the plant genome engineering company and subsidiary of Cellectis (Alternext: ALCLS), announced today the signature of a research and commercial agreement with SESVanderHave, a world leader in the sugar beet seed industry, on the use of Cellectis technologies in sugar beet.












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