Pests and diseases

To get the maximal yield out of your crop, your sugar beet seed needs to be treated with the utter most care, because an optimal protection of your crop is of the highest priority. One of the biggest threats to your sugar beet field are diseases.

Start’Up priming technology

Start’Up is the name of the priming technology used by SESVanderHave on the majority of our sugar beet seeds. Priming means that the seeds are ‘activated’ to ensure faster and more uniform field germination.


The CONVISO® SMART system is an innovative alternative for sugar beet weed control.

Tropical beet

Tropical beets are extra resistant to extreme conditions such as drought, temperature, heavy rainfall and exotic diseases. In order to develop a better response to such extreme conditions, SESVanderHave has invested for many years in various test fields in India.


Sugar beet is a genuine source of energy, and, as an innovative global player, SESVanderHave is also a pioneer in research into the role of sugar beet in the production of bioethanol

SESVanderHave Innovation Center (SVIC)

Farmers in more than fifty countries grow our seeds. This geographical distribution has an influence on our sugar beet varieties. Among other things, the climate patterns, soil types and diseases widely vary between the different countries. At the SVIC, we can analyse all these factors in the minutest detail and offer tailor-made solutions.

SV Diag Center

SV Diag is a special diagnostics department at SESVanderHave. Whenever a grower has problems with a plot, and notifies their local commercial representative, a sample is sent to the SV Diag Center, where our experts set about identifying the pathogen or pest involved.

ESTA certification

ESTA is the quality label awarded by the European Seed Association to companies who carry out their seed processing activities with the necessary care and quality.