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SESVanderHave is an international market leader in the sugar beet seed industry, specialising in every aspect of the production of sugar beet seed. From developing new resistances and varieties through to the final seed processing in the factory.

Worldwide, SESVanderHave sells 360 varieties, the result of a dedicated comprehensive research process. Each and every variety represents a customised solution for all sugar beet markets.



200 years of experience

SESVanderHave was incorporated in 2005, through the merger of the Belgian company SES Europe and the Dutch enterprise DJ VanderHave. Both companies boast a long and rich tradition: together they have almost 200 years of experience in the field of sugar beets.

Since then, SESVanderHave has become part of the Florimond Desprez group, a French family enterprise specialising in seeds. Florimond Desprez also has a long tradition, going back six generations to 1830.



Seeds sold in over fifty countries


The seeds of SESVanderHave are sold in over fifty countries worldwide. To this end, SESVanderHave has businesses and local agents in each of these countries. Wherever sugar beets grow, SESVanderHave is present.

These businesses are not only responsible for sales, but also maintain a close contact with local markets, the needs and expectations of which they know like the back of their hand.



Specialised staff

SESVanderHave relies on a broad base of specialists, from lab assistants to machine operators. The dedicated approach of 500 employees worldwide, focusing on the production of sugar beet seeds from start to finish, leaves nothing to chance. This approach is precisely what makes SESVanderHave so strong and justifies its continuing position as an international leader in sugar beet seed.



Cutting-edge R&D


SESVanderHave’s passion for innovation, based on many years of experience and expertise, and the research programmes in which the company invests considerably, guarantee current and future customised sugar beet solutions to deliver ever higher yields.


  • 32 percent of all SESVanderHave employees works within R&D
  • SESVanderHave invests more than 18 percent of its annual turnover in R&D

  • The primary objective is to develop new varieties with

-  an increased tolerance to diseases
-  a higher yield potential
-  a flexible adaptation to abiotic stress factors
-  and with a higher seed quality









  • 12,000 new genotypes are tested each year

  • 150,000 research plots each year for testing experimental hybrids

  • Each year, SESVanderHave has 1,000,000 new plants on its research plots



High-quality processing


Four factories ensure the processing of SESVanderHave seeds: one in Tienen (Belgium), one in Kiev (the Ukraine), one in Calignac (France) and one in Alexeyevska (Russia). The processing of sugar beet seeds is a complicated, high-tech process, and with SESVanderHave, growers all over the world can rely on top quality sugar beets.

The processing includes, among others, cleaning, pelleting, coating and packaging. Every seed that leaves the factories is assured of SESVanderHave's constant quality.




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