2019Embedded technologies
Tossens A. | Bulthuis F.J. | Coen T.Poster
2020Breeding of insect tolerant varieties at SESVANDERHAVENiels Wynant | Ian Munnery | Jan Sels | Heidi Liesse | Glenda Willems | Jerome de Pessemier | Juan Vegas | Erik de Bruyne | Olivier Amand | Hendrik TschoepPoster
2020An integrated breeding approach towards cercospora resistant varietiesVanderstukken Maarten | Sels Jan | Amand Olivier | Boehm David | Tschoep HendrikPoster
2020Performance of various CONVISO® SMART sugar beet varieties under different weed control strategiesDirk HyndrikxPoster
2020Genetic study of charcoal rot (macrophomina phaseolina) resistance in sugar beet using a diverse panel of commercial and non-commercial hybridsVegas Juan | De Bruyne Erik | Adetunji Ibrahim | Amand Olivier Poster
2020Myzus persicae population genetics analysisR.H.M. Wouters | R. Biello | S.T. Mugford | E. de Bruyne | F.-J. Bulthuis | I. Munnery | R. Robinson | N. Wynant | G. Willems | D.G.O. Saunders | S.A. Hogenhout | T.C. MathersPoster
2020Challenges and opportunities of organic sugar beet seed production for SESVANDERHAVEAlice Lorriaux | Georg Schlaiss | Anna Sophia Lengers | Jean Noël Evrard | Benny Jacobs | Marcel Brandt | Emilie Lannoy | Bruno Dequiedt and Bruno VandammePoster
2020Monitoring of aphids in sugar beet fields and trial fields, a basic tool to understand virus yellow epidemics in the post neonic eraElma Raaijmakers | Fokke-Jan Bulthuis | Niels Wynant | Erik de Bruyne | Jan LuimesPoster
2020A novel pre-breeding strategy to reduce dependence on insecticides for virus yellows control in sugar beet - a final updateJames L. | Robinson R. | De Pessemier J. | Wynant N. | Munnery I. | Willems G. | Tschoep H. | Paveley N. | Lennefors B. | Kraft T. | Akesson U. | Nilsson C. | Cobb S. | Sawford K. | Stevens M.Poster