SESVanderHave employs a wide range of experts, from laboratory technicians to machine operators.

Thanks to the experience and commitment of our 600 employees around the world, nothing is left to chance. This is one of SESVanderHave's key strengths as a leading international player.

In R&D

SESVanderHave continuously invests in research programs that enable us to provide tailor-made solutions.

32% of SESVanderHave's 600 employees work in our Research and Development (R&D) department.

In addition, SESVanderHave invests more than 18% of its annual revenues in R&D.

The primary objective is to develop new varieties, with:

  • even higher seed quality
  • even higher yield potential
  • improved defence systems against environmental stress
  • even greater resistance to diseases

Every year, we test 12,000 new genotypes.

Every year, we sow a million new plants in those test fields.

Sesvanderhave innovation plant breeding svic handcrossings team

In our factories

Half of SESVanderHave's employees work in one of our four seed processing factories. They are located in Tienen (Belgium), Kiev (Ukraine), Calignac (France) and Alexeyevka (Russia). Processing encompasses various stages, including cleaning, pelleting, coating and packaging. Every seed that leaves our factories is the result of SESVanderHave's in-depth quality and expertise.

Read more about seed processing in our factories here.

In sales

SESVanderHave has a large network of sales teams worldwide. They are there to help you choose the variety that is right for you.

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