The role of sugar beet for the fuel of the future.

Many people are not aware that sugar beet is also a significant source of bioethanol. Bioethanol is a base material for the production of biofuels, currently a sector of great interest.

Sugar beet is thus a genuine source of energy, and, as an innovative global player, SESVanderHave is also pioneering research into the role of sugar beet for the production of bioethanol.

“The development of SESVanderHave Tropical Beet and the new applications for sugar beet are a symbol of SESVanderHave’s continuous search for improvement and renewal”, says Jean-Noël Evrard.

“Thanks to its committed research, great flexibility and extensive knowledge of local markets, SESVanderHave is genuinely a global player within the international sugar beet seed market."

(Image source: Nordzucker AG)