SESVanderHave is a leading global player in the sugarbeet seed sector. We specialize in every aspect of sugarbeet seed production. Discover here our research and innovations!

Disease Management

To get the maximal yield out of your crop, your sugarbeet seed needs to be treated with the utter most care, because an optimal protection of your crop is of the highest priority. One of the biggest threats to your sugarbeet field are diseases.

Primed seeds

The vast majority of SESVanderHave sugarbeet seeds are primed seeds. Priming means that the seeds are “activated” to ensure faster and more uniform field germination.

SESVanderHave Innovation Center (SVIC)

Farmers in more than fifty countries, from Russia to the U.S., grow our seeds. This geographical distribution has an influence on our sugar beet varieties. Among other things, the climate patterns, soil types and diseases widely vary between the different countries. At the SVIC, we can analyze all these factors in the smallest detail and offer tailor-made solutions.