SESVanderHave specializes in every aspect of the production of sugar beet seeds, from the development of new varieties to the final red seeds, ready to be sold all over the world.

To maintain our well-known expertise and quality standards throughout every step of the process, we rely on the valuable contribution of every SESVanderHave employee. The experience and commitment of our more than 650 employees are the key strengths that help us - as a business - to reach our goal of bringing sugar beet varieties to the market that meet farmers’ needs.

Our teams in R&I

About one third of SESVanderHave's employees work in our Research and Innovation (R&I) department. In addition, we invest more than 15% of our annual revenue in R&I.

Every year, over 12,000 new genotypes are tested, and a million new plants are sown in our trial fields.

Our main target is delivering new sugar beet varieties with:

  • higher yields
  • a smaller environmental footprint
  • higher resistance to pests and diseases such as cercospora leaf spot, beet cyst nematode, virus yellows, syndrome ‘basses richesses’, ...

The next generation of sugar beet varieties will also have to be robust;

  • adapted to multiple environmental stresses like drought, saline and heat
  • resilient enough to deliver yield under lower input regimes (e.g. nitrogen)

Our R&I department plays a crucial role in our ability to deliver innovative, robust and resilient varieties and solutions against many of these threats. Future solutions will need to combine strong genetics, crop protection and agronomic measures.

Find out more about our Research and Innovations,, or our Breeding activities.

Sesvanderhave innovation plant breeding svic handcrossings team

Our teams in the SV factories

Half of SESVanderHave’s employees work in one of our four seed processing factories, located in Tienen (Belgium), Kiev (Ukraine), Calignac (France) and Alexeyevka (Russia). Processing consists of various steps, such as cleaning, priming, pelleting, coating and packaging.

Read more about seed processing in our factories here.

Our quality lab assures that the quality of our seeds is maintained every step of the way. Every seed that leaves our factories is the result of SESVanderHave’s in-depth quality and expertise processes.

Our sales teams

More than ever, sugar beet varieties need to be adapted to the needs and challenges of farmers and customers. We strive to offer new sugar beet varieties with higher yields, a smaller environmental footprint and higher resistance to pests and diseases. To achieve this, SESVanderHave can count on a large network of international sales teams.

These sugar beet experts are here to help you choose the variety that best suits your needs and specific circumstances.

Get in touch with your local sales contact.