02. Market analysis

We start with an extensive market analysis to identify the challenges in each region in terms of climate, soil type, sugar industry needs, and threats such as diseases or insects, etc. We map these challenges in great detail, and with guidance from the sugar industry, sugar beet institutes and the growers association, determine the characteristics of the perfect sugar beet variety for that market. These characteristics are referred to as "traits" and the adapted sugar beet can comprise various traits, perfectly combined in a single sugar beet variety.

Perfect sugar beet

Our analysts define a plan for each region and each different condition in order to create this "perfect sugar beet". This plan is passed on to our breeders, who spend many years carrying out the necessary research and development work needed to deliver a new variety.

Additionally, SESVanderHave constantly anticipates the future needs of growers and the sugar industry. What diseases will emerge over ten years? Will there be a limited use and registration of pesticides? How will the sugar market evolve in future? This also takes close partnership with the sugar industry.

Sesvanderhave seed processing analysis perfect beet