01. Market demands

Bringing new and competitive sugar beet varieties to market is a long-term mission. Various factors determine if a new variety is suitable for a specific growing region. The productivity of a sugar beet variety is influenced by many external factors such as soil type, weather, disease pressure, field management and more. This is why market demands are very important to SESVanderHave!

After a growing season in one of the many millions of sugar beet fields at thousands of farms all around the world, the sugar beets are delivered to the sugar factories. There, sugar beets are eventually processed into sugar for the food and beverage industry.

Sugar Yield

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"Sugar yield" is the most important parameter, which is composed of the root yield and the sugar content of the root. The higher the root yield and the more sugar the beet holds, the greater the financial return for the grower. That is why growers always want the best possible sugar beets for their field. This of course depends on the region and the grower. A sugar beet that thrives in colder weather conditions will not generate the same sugar yield when it is grown in Southern Spain or Eastern China. Each sugar beet variety therefore requires tailor-made research. For this reason, SESVanderHave has an extensive portfolio of sugar beet varieties for all regions where sugar beets are grown.

How do we do this?

We are sugar beet experts – SESVanderHave is the only company in the world which focuses exclusively on research into and production of sugar beet seeds.

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