The role of sugarbeet for the fuel of the future.

Many people don't know that sugar beets are also a significant source of bioethanol. Bioethanol is a base material for the production of biofuels, currently a sector of great interest. Sugar beets are a pure source of energy, and, as an innovative global player, SESVanderHave is also a pioneer in research into the role of sugar beets in the production of bioethanol.

“The development of the SESVanderHave Tropical Beet and the new applications of sugar beet are a symbol of SESVanderHave’s continuous search for improvement and renewal”, says Jean-Noël Evrard, Head of Customer Service.

“Thanks to our committed research, great flexibility and extensive knowledge of local markets, SESVanderHave is a genuinely global player in the international sugar beet seed market."

(Image source: Nordzucker AG)