The vast majority of SESVanderHave sugar beet seeds are primed seeds. Priming means that the seeds are ‘activated’ to ensure faster and more uniform field germination. The seeds are first cleaned and then treated in installations designed for this purpose.

The main advantages of primed seeds

  • seeds germinate faster, vigour under stress conditions improves, thus extending the growth cycle
  • more uniform field emergence:
    • This results in a more uniform sugar beet size and shape, which also makes harvesting easier.
    • This facilitates a more efficient weed control.

The combination of the above, results in an absolute advantage, namely that thanks to seed priming, a sugar beet field can yield up to 3% more!

Sesvanderhave sugar beet seed seed processing primed seeds graph germination

Faster field emergence

Primed seeds emerge sooner and ensure a more uniform population. This results in better and faster row closure, and easier crop treatments. Seed priming delivers added value particularly under difficult sowing conditions. In extreme cold or drought, or in crusted soils, primed seeds will germinate up to a week earlier than ordinary seeds.

SESVanderHave sugar beet seed - Seed Processing - Primed seeds, field emergence and germination

Priming technology

Bert Vandenbussche, Seed Technology manager at SESVanderHave, confirms the good results thanks to priming: Every seed company is working on priming technology. At SESVanderhave we have a dedicated seed technology team. These experts are constantly working on new developments. SESVanderHave delivers excellent, uniform results, with fewer bolters and excellent storability.

The sooner the plant emerges from the soil, the longer its growth period will be. In addition, fast soil coverage ensures that the young plants can quickly capture the maximum sunlight available (still an essential growth factor). These two factors lead directly to higher yields. The vigour of young plants emerging from primed seeds thus increases considerably, especially in stressful situations. This is a key factor for a successful result on your field, as healthy young sugar beet plants are always better equipped to resist stress caused by poor weather conditions, diseases, and insects early in the season.

Can primed seeds be stored?

Humidity plays the most important role in the quality decrease of seeds. Therefore, it is extremely important that seed is stored in a dry environment. Only in this way leftover seeds can be used again the following year.

For your peace of mind, we therefore recommend storing your seeds in a hermetically sealed and clean plastic bag. This way, the seed retains its germination power and a good emergence guaranteed.

When we sow correctly* stored primed seeds a year after purchasing, we noticed that the emergence rate does not decrease. The priming effect is fully maintained, thus resulting in a more homogeneous and faster emergence!

* in a sealed plastic bag, stored in a dry area.

Sesvanderhave sugar beet seed seed processing primed seeds graph field emergence